Beginner 6-week course with 5X world champion Rafaela Montanaro. Instant lifetime access after purchase.

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Course Introduction

Watch instructor Rafaela Montanaro explain this course:

What will I learn ?

  • Techniques for core climbs, static spins, transitions, and inversions
  • 48 static pole elements
  • 12 static pole combinations
  • 2 warm-up routines
  • 2 cool-down routines

Some examples :

  • Rond de Jambe Dismount
  • Wrist Seat Jazz Split
  • Hood Ornament
  • Lifted Back Hook Spin
  • Back Slide Thread the Needle
  • Bicycle Kick Dismount
  • Hook and Roll Spin
  • Outside-Inside Leg Hang Switches
  • Helicopter Spin
  • Basic Inversion
  • Straddle Inversion
  • Inverted T

Rafaela’s winning performance in PolePress’ competition at the Olympia

Sample Previews

Tuck Spin from Week One

Hip Hold from Week Four

Leg Hang Switch from Week Six

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