Fonji Mini-Course

Virtual workshop with 2018 world champion Bianca Breschi

Important: Please read the following instructions carefully before you begin this course.

Note that this mini-course is structured very differently from our other courses. First, the entire course is devoted to a single trick. Second, that trick can be challenging for those who are new to dynamic movements. Because of these factors, please follow these recommendations:

  1. Do not attempt any of the movements until after you have carefully watched all of the videos. Before attempting anything yourself, first you need to have a good understanding of how the various pieces build on each other progressively.
  2. Because the instruction is progressive, it is crucial that you master each step before even attempting to do the next step.
  3. Although the online-course format might suggest the mini-course corresponds to a single training session, very few students would be able to do it this way. And of course you should not push yourself to move any faster than feels comfortable to you. Depending on your background and fitness level, for most people it will take 1-3 months to progress through each of the steps in this course. So don’t rush yourself, and enjoy the journey!
  4. Please train safely:
    • If you are training at home, of course you should always inspect your pole to ensure it is correctly installed before each training session. And this holds especially true for dynamic movements (like Fonji) because they involve more speed and force.
    • Make sure you have a spotter and use crash pads where appropriate.
    • Always do the Fonji-specific warmup and cooldown before and after each Fonji training.

Finally, we encourage you to ask Bianca questions by posting your comments under the relevant video. She will do her best to answer your question within a few days.

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