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  • Each lesson takes 45 – 60 minutes.

Note: This syllabus is structured differently than our other courses, as it contains multiple 6-week programs (A, B, C) of increasing difficulty, so that you can choose which program best suits your current fitness/strength level. You can also repeat as many times as you like, advancing from one program to the next as you progress.

Instructions: “S x R” means you are supposed to perform S sets, each with R repetitions. For example, “3 x 10” means that you should:

  • Do 10 consecutive repetitions (without resting)
  • Take a short rest (30-60 seconds)
  • Do 10 consecutive repetitions
  • Take a short rest
  • Do 10 consecutive repetitions

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Program A - Two 45-minute sessions per week

Program B - Two 60-minute sessions per week
Program C - Three 60-minute sessions per week

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  • 42 Lessons
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