How can I prepare physically for Pole?

Pole is a physically demanding activity. At the most general level, the physical capabilities used in Pole can be broken down into three very broad categories:

  1. Strength
  2. Balance & Coordination
  3. Flexibility

Prior to using a pole, we recommend starting to build a foundation in these key areas. Our “Principles” courses are designed for this purpose, respectively:

  1. Principles of Strength
  2. Principles of Movement
  3. Principles of Flexibility (coming soon)

The objective of the Principles courses is twofold. First, they provide initial preparation to optimize your success when you start using a pole. Second, they teach you conditioning exercises that you should continue performing forever, incorporated as permanent components of your well-structured pole practice.

To highlight the importance of the second objective, it is worth noting that even at the highest levels of competitive Pole, it is customary for the training regimen to be divided roughly 50/50 between on-pole technique practice and off-pole physical conditioning.