Beginner 4-week video course with world champion Olena Minina. Instant lifetime access after purchase.

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Course Introduction

Spinning combo by instructor Olena Minina, showing the unique possibilities of spin pole.

You know there are two modes of pole, static and spinning. But did you realize they are totally different apparatuses?

Many tricks are specific to one kind of pole. Some can only be done on static; others can only be done on spin. But even for tricks that can be done on both, most of them only make sense on one. (Static hood ornament, anyone?) And when you start putting moves together, the differences between static and spin combos get even more extreme. (Watch the video above to see what we mean!)

The differences between static and spin pole actually start from the very beginning, at the level of basic technique. That’s why we created Essentials of Spin, a 4-week program to help you master the fundamental skills of spin pole. The course starts from scratch, so you don’t need any pole experience. But the instructor — current world champion Olena Minina — is meticulous about proper technique. So if you have some experience and now you’re ready to get serious, this course is also a perfect fit.

Note: Essentials of Spin may be taken either before, after, or concurrently with our Essentials of Static course.

Olena became the 2021 World Champion with this routine.

About the Instructor: Olena Minina is the current world champion of Pole Sport and three-time world champion of Pole Art. Originally from Ukraine, Olena is a multi-dimensional athlete and performance artist, with backgrounds in figure skating, artistic gymnastics, and music composition. She has been practicing and teaching pole for ten years to students of all levels.

What is it ?

Just like an online college course. where the videos are pre-recorded and everything is already set up for you. So you can start whenever you’re ready, and work through the lessons at your own pace. And it’s lifetime access, so you can re-do the lessons as many times as you like.

Who is it for ?

Essentials of Spin is designed for two types of students:
  1. those with less than a year of pole experience, including total beginners and those who have never trained within a structured curriculum, or
  2. those who have been poling for more than a year, and now want to refine their technique and ensure there are no “gaps” in their core skills and knowledge.

What will I learn ?

  • Fundamental spin pole skills with emphasis on correct form
  • 20 spin pole elements and 4 spin pole combinations
  • Techniques for core climbs, spins, and transitions
  • How to properly warm up and cool down, both off-pole and on-pole

Some examples :

  • Basic spin and basic climb on spin pole
  • Ballerina spins
  • Front hook and back hook spins
  • Reverse spins
  • Spiral spins and carousel spins
  • Pencil forearm spins
  • Outside knee hang, backbend position

What do I need ?

  • Required: Access to a spinning pole; ideally, a pole that can switch between spin and static modes
  • Recommended: yoga mat, yoga blocks, and fitness rubber band
  • Clothing: t-shirt/hoodie, leggings/stockings, socks or barefoot

Olena's Performances

Olena Minina performs on Ukrainian television

From our “Road to World” series with Olena Minina

Olena Minina performs at Pole Art

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